Access to the FASTTRAK Partner API

Setting up for access to the FASTTRAK API requires the following steps:

  1. Choose Sign up from the home page/header menu and create your developer account.

  2. Click the link sent to you via email to confirm your email address.

  3. Login to developer portal and request access to FASTTRAK Partner API (developer)

    • Header Menu > Products/APIs > FASTTRAK API Products 

    • Enter a description for your API needs, Agree to the Terms of Use, and click [Subscribe] button.

  4. FASTTRAK will review and approve your developer account within 24 hours.

  5. Login to FASTTRAK using the FASTTRAK Ultimate client and create a Web Service User account

    • Use the "authenticated" web service use setup

    • Use the same email address you used for your developer account

    • Set appropriate permissions for API user.

    • Download the Quick Start for additional information on setting up FASTTRAK Web Service User

  6. Login to developer portal and retrieve Partner API keys

    • Header Menu > Profile

    • You can also regenerate keys, change your password, etc. form this page.

  7. You are now setup and have access to the FASTTRAK Partner API

    • Review the Getting Started page in developer portal to see required headers for each API request

    • Header Menu > Getting Started